Lime Slice Sugar

Vendor: Old Salt Merchants Type: Bar and Cocktail

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Lime Slice Sugar

A refreshing blend of cane sugar and lime. Perfect for desserts and cocktail rims.

The Old Salt Merchants Story

If we’d been born 120 years earlier, we’d probably have been rum-runners, smuggling our intoxicating products to grateful customers. Even now we think you’ll agree that our products are the “real McCoy”—all natural and only the highest quality. Old Salt Merchants is a family run nautical provisions company located in the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington. Irene is a shopkeeper, crafter, and gardener who grew up deep-sea fishing, and John is a lifelong sailor, woodworker, and explorer, so it's no surprise we ended up at the helm of a company with an old-world ethos. Our mission is to be the best “olde shoppe” in port, offering superior, natural, nautical provisions and gifts to customers who appreciate the same.